4: Mit Messer ausgezogen werden

CNs: Text auf Englisch, bratplay, playfighting, being undressed with a knife, minor knife wounds, blood, having to hold still because of the knife, mindfuck (I think for a moment the knife blade penetrates my vagina), being fucked with the hilt of the knife, orgasm denial as punishment (highlight whitespace to read)

Today I hadn’t been in the mood to just let you do to me as you wish, no, today I was feeling rebellious. That resulted in a playfight where I stood my ground for quite some time before you managed to tie me to the chair. Now my feet are bound to the chair’s legs and my arms behind the back. We’re both out of breath and sweaty.

I’m still feeling bratty, so I decide to challenge you further „And now what? I’m still clothed, so your options with me are pretty limited. Let me loose and we’ll see if you can best me again!“

You don’t rise to the challenge, instead you just stand there, watching me. The grin growing on your face is unsettling. What the hell are you planning?

You pull the switch blade from your pocket and slowly, luxuriously move towards me, handling the knife. Instantly, I’m very frightened – and very aroused. „Oh, I’m pretty sure I can … expand… my options“ you say, as the tip of the knife enters the tear suffered in the playfight and widens the riff in my top.

You are taking your time. A little cut here, the tip of the knife piercing my skin at some other point that is already bared to your torture. My breasts get a lot of attention and a few drops of blood adorn my skin. It’s so hard to sit still, but I dare not move. Finally you have torn my top enough so you can take it off my body without loosening the bonds. I shiver slightly in the cold air. How far are you going to take this?

You sit down in front of me, and spread my legs. The knife wandering along the insides of my thighs makes sure I keep them far apart. Meanwhile your other hand explores my shorts. Although the fabric is quite thick, my pussy is so dripping wet by now that you can feel it on the outside. And smell it too, as you inform me, making me blush furiously.

„Well, I guess this decides it“ you pronounce, amusement in your voice, „we can’t just let you sit in this mess, I really have no other choice then to undress you completely.“

As my heart pounds ever louder in my chest your knife deftly glides under my shorts and with a few powerful thrusts you rip my shorts apart and give yourself full access to my intimate area.

The knife moves to my head once more, glides along my cheeks, and down my neck, over my breasts, my stomach. „Close your eyes“ you command me. I can feel the cold steel reaching my labia and then – entering me.

In shock I open my eyes and see that it is only the hilt of your blade that you have begun to push into my pussy.

„Tss, tss, tss“ you scold me for opening my eyes. „Well, I guess this just means it’s the usual punishment for you“, you evenly state, as you proceed to fuck me with the hilt of the blade. I cry out in frustration, now forbidden to orgasm though I easily could.